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How to Improve Your Coffee Sales

October 21, 2016

How to Improve Your Coffee Sales - Featured Image

Your Coffee Competitors continue to increase

While hot beverages are still a pillar of today’s c-store business, the fact is that c-stores represent only about 11 percent in overall hot-beverage revenue . The success of coffee sales is not only driven by the growing number of outlets for coffee drinkers to get their fix, but also by coffee shops capitalizing on consumers’ love for customizing what they eat and drink.

Make Customized Coffee a Part of Your Offering

C-stores can attract more coffee lovers to their operation by offering different ways to customize and mix and match their beverages. The more variety, the better.  Offer a well-stocked choice of syrups, milks, non-dairy milk options, and spices.

You can also give opportunities for customers to create their own blends by mixing quality coffees with products like seltzers, soft serve ice cream and other offerings. Informing your customers that they can enjoy their self-serve coffee iced is another way to increase sales.

Cross-Promote Your Coffee to Increase Sales

Bundling products together (kits) with coffee and additional products, can have a substantial impact on your sales. Complement (muffin and coffee) purchases according to industry statistics account for about 70% of overall hot-dispensed-beverage volume. Bundling for breakfast in particular leads to more sales, especially among younger consumers. Industry studies reveal that more than 50% of consumers ages 18 to 24 purchase breakfast combo meals, that include a coffee beverage, these offerings impact their decision to visit that operation. As c-stores upgrade their specialty coffee programs, they should also consider pairing with premium offerings including: gourmet breakfast pastries, fresh fruits, yoghurts etc.

For c-stores to meet the increasing demands and expectations of today’s coffee drinkers, they must seek out new and exciting ways to build excitement and drive traffic.