First Nations Retail

The Challenge

You’re running a business with the additional challenge of tracking First Nations’ tax exempt sales for fuel, tobacco and other products. You need a way to report these exemptions without duplicating efforts or adding steps to your backend management process.

C-Store Commander helps you
  • Manage everything in one place with a POS and back office management software system that includes tax exempt sales management for fuel, tobacco and other products.
  • Use a system built for First Nations’ needs and certified for use in Alberta (AITE process), Saskatchewan (RTVS process) and Ontario (FNGTR process); also used by First Nations customers in BC, Manitoba and Quebec

“The ability to manage tax exempt sales quickly, easily and accurately has made both our cashiers and customers happier”

The C-Store Commander

  • Scanned-based POS
  • EMV, Fleet and private card processing
  • Complete BackOffice Management
  • Inventory count, takes and receiving
  • Over 120 pre-defined management reports with optional web reporting
  • Option to integrate pump control
  • 24/7 support
  • More