Fleet Fueling

The Challenge

The fleet fuelling market is a dynamic and necessary part of your business offering. We offer the ability to proactively manage all of fleet cards you accept as well as your own private/proprietary card. So whether your site is attended or unattended we supply you the full capacity to accept any and all fleet cards, as well as your own branded private fleet card.

Fleet Fuelling helps you
  • Offer multi-card payments in addition to proprietary cards.
  • Collect payments from unattended system to maximize customer intake and profits.
  • Control and manage unattended fueling from any location via a secure Internet connection.
  • Offer and manage your own branded proprietary card

“The ability to offer our own card as well as accept WEX and other fleet cards has made it easy for all of our customers to use our site”

Fleet Fueling Points

  • Accept All Fleet Cards
  • Process WEX Fleet in Real Time
  • Supply and Manage Your Own Private/Proprietary Cards
  • Dynamically Manage and Restrict Card Sales

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